Nubans sleeping on the ground in Yida Refugee Camp - photo by Pete Muller for Amnesty International

Bare Earth Beginnings
On November 10, 2011, the Government of Sudan flew across the South Sudan border and dropped four bombs on Yida Refugee Camp. This event was the catalyst that caused us to start this small social business to help the people of Nuba living in the refugee camps along the borderlands between North and South Sudan.

The Government of Sudan dropped four bombs on Yida Refugee Camp that day, but NOT ONE PERSON WAS KILLED!!! That is an absolute miracle. 

In the last six months, my husband and I have dedicated our time and energy to learn how to make soap and the nuances of starting a small home business. It has been a humbling opportunity to see God's mighty hand at work in our lives.

The advent of rainy season is upon the people of South Sudan. Rainy season is a difficult time for the relief organizations dedicated to serve these marginalized people groups. The dirt roads turn into mud and become impassable. Basic survival supplies such as food, shelter and SOAP often have to be flown into the refugee camps increasing the financial burden on the non governmental relief organizations thereby increasing their dependence on donations. 

This is our way of trying to alleviate a small part of their fiscal burden by helping to supply the relief organizations with soap to give to the refugees so they can use their precious donations to buy more food, more tarps and more fuel for their airplanes. We intend to buy the soap for the refugees from local South Sudanese soap makers to help encourage their village economies and provide opportunity for small micro-enterprise entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

Here is a small peek inside Yida Refugee Camp. These photographs were taken by Pete Muller for Amnesty International.



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